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May 5, 2023
Many may think of spring as the time for flowers and fresh, green leaves on trees.  But if you hurry through anything meaningful in life, you miss much of the wonder along the way.  And, is there anything fuller of wonder, fuller

True Song

February 11, 2023
  This has been an interesting week weather-wise with late March-like days sneaking into early February.  Yesterday on my walk it was sunny and 40 plus degrees.  This time of untrustworthy too-early spring has the birds confused. February is the

Snow Day

January 26, 2023
There is something calming and exciting about a snowy morning.  When the kids were, well kids, they would get so excited about forecast of a snowy morning.  Maybe it would allow them to sleep in if there was a delay. 


January 11, 2023
  In 1986 my career brought me and my family to someplace I never expected I would visit, let alone live in.  That was the year that my employer started construction on a manufacturing plant in Henderson, Nevada, and they

Wave Snowman, Wave

December 15, 2022
A major cold front came through last night.  The temperature was hovering slightly above freezing for the first eight hours or so of precipitation, before finally turning to snow sometime in the middle of the night.  I woke up to

Memories and Dreams

November 30, 2022
There is something about the traditional holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas) that warms the heart.  Perhaps more than any other time of year the holiday season is a rich blend of old and new, of what was and what will

In Clouds

November 25, 2022
My wife and I recently drove out to Colorado to visit my son and his family who live about an hour or so north of Denver.  The trip provided several experiences of being in clouds even though in our car

From the Second Row

November 20, 2022
This past week was a blessing as my wife and I played out one of our most important roles – that being “in-person” grandparents.  What made it special was that we were in Colorado visiting our oldest son, Jacob, his

Beauty, Now

November 6, 2022
  The week and the weather came together to allow a rare opportunity – a November kayak paddle.  At least going back into our pictures in the eight years we’ve owned our kayaks the only other November paddle we had

Three-cornered Flag

October 29, 2022
The local world is transitioning once again.  About three weeks ago Autumn asked Summer for its last dance and the world became a painter’s palette of colors.  Cooling mornings warmed into days that became mellow, pungent and rich.  It always