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His Promise – Full Season (Embers from the Fire)

June 30, 2022
His Promise – Full Season (7/1/2022) This week the chicory started blooming – a sure sign that while the calendar says that season of summer is only a couple of weeks old, we really are now in full season.  Many

Sun and Shade – Embers from the Fire

June 24, 2022
Sun and Shade – 6/24/2022 Perhaps there is no starker example of immediate contrast than sun and shade.  By immediate, I mean that they are so near to each other that you can literally step out of one and into

So Much Fluff – Embers from the Fire

June 16, 2022
So Much Fluff – 6/17/2022 I noticed the bird perched in my backyard linden tree.  Suddenly he plunged toward earth, his feet closed around his prey as he took it to the ground.  No, this scene was not about the

Beauty – Embers from the Fire

June 10, 2022
Beauty – 6/10/2022 One of my wife’s favorite flowers is a yellow rose.  We have a newly planted one in our yard.  It was a retirement gift for her from the staff at Our Lady of Lourdes School where she

Next Step – Embers from the Fire

June 2, 2022
Next Step – 6/3/2022 This past week my youngest granddaughter, Molly, finally decided that she didn’t have to drop back down to her hands and knees to get across the room.  She took her first “free range” steps, leaving behind

“Buen Camino” – Embers from the Fire

May 25, 2022
“Buen Camino” – 5/27/2022 Three years ago, this very week, I was part of a pilgrimage group walking the final 120 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James in northern Spain. In many ways it

Story Flowers – Embers from the Fire

May 19, 2022
Story Flowers – 5/20/2022 It only would take one visit, especially at this time of year to realize that my wife and I have a special love of lilacs.  We have six varieties planted on our property.  Some add additional

Beginnings & Endings – Embers from the Fire

May 14, 2022
Beginnings & Endings – 5/13/2022 Spring is exploding this week.  Two weeks ago, as I hunted turkeys I wore long underwear and gloves because each morning started at about twenty degrees.  This week we had some sunshine and summer-like temperatures. 

A Day Afield – Embers from the Fire

April 29, 2022
A Day Afield – 4/29/2022 Because of other commitments, and last year just because I forgot to send in my application on time, I set out this morning for my first spring turkey hunt in six years. A few notes