Mission & History

Growing as Engaged & Vibrant Catholic Communities


The Quad-Parishes consist of four unique parishes: Annunciation, St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Patrick. By working and serving collaboratively, we are able to offer parishioners and friends many opportunities to find Home in Community, Hope in the Living Presence of Christ and Holiness in our Witness to the World.

Through strategic planning focused on our mission, we have defined future priorities and invite you to join us as we:
Grow as Disciples who Invite and Welcome Others
Grow as Disciples Committed to Spiritual Growth
Grow as Disciples who Identify and Share our Gifts

Our hope is for you and your family to:
Have your faith involved in every aspect of your life
Find meaning and purpose in life
Experience inner peace
Be spiritually committed
Spend time in worship or prayer every day
Forgive people who have hurt you
Develop your strengths and share them with others
Know and defend your faith
Speak words of kindness and encouragement

We invite you on the journey to becoming Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ! – Find Home, Hope and Holiness



Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mission Statement
Annunciation Parish is a worship community called by God and those around us to make His presence felt
in the lives of many people. In order to do this, we educate those who do not understand, inspire those who have no dreams, bring justice and dignity to those who have been oppressed, and bring near those who are far away.

Our Patron
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Feast Day: March 25

In the spring of 1932, Rev. William H. Kiernan was appointed to establish the eighth Catholic parish in Green Bay and the third parish on the west side. The new parish was named “The Congregation of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

When Annunciation Parish was established, most of the parishioners were of German descent. There was nothing in the area at the time but cabbage fields and frog ponds.

Annunciation School opened in September of 1933 and was served by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin, until June of 1980.

St. Joseph Parish

Mission Statement
We, the parishioners of St. Joseph, Green Bay, have been a community of faith since 1914. We accept the challenge
and commitment of our Baptism to follow the example of Jesus in all things. We commit ourselves to be a people of prayer and worship. We make life-long faith formation a priority as we provide opportunities for growth and development for all members. We strive to be generous stewards of our gifts, skills and resources. Trusting in the Lord’s presence in our lives, we are able to bring God’s message to our families, our community, and our world.

Our Patron
St. Joseph is the patron of workers, the Universal Church and immigrants.
Feast Day: March 19

St. Joseph Parish was established in 1914, accommodating the increasing expansion of the west side of the city, then being served solely by St. Patrick Church. Rev. Matthias Kraus was appointed as first pastor and served in this position until 1930.

St. Joseph Catholic Grade School opened in 1917 and was run by the Sisters of St. Agnes until 1932. In 1938, because of deteriorating structural conditions, a decision was made to construct a new church, school, and convent—the buildings now known as St. Joseph. The new school was staffed by the Franciscan Sisters of Manitowoc and had an enrollment of 354 students.

Although previously established churches in Green Bay were formed primarily by ethnic groupings, joining people with similar national backgrounds, St. Joseph would have territorial lines only, including many of the common laborers and less wealthy people. Thus the name St. Joseph, patron saint of laborers, was chosen.




Mission Statement
St. Jude Parish is a Catholic Community bound together by baptism and faith in Jesus Christ. We gather to worship God and hear the Gospel message. The Gospel calls us to serve others and to be a sign of God’s love, justice, peace, unity and reconciliation in the world. As we journey together, we strive to know Jesus better and to use our gifts of time, talent and treasure for the building of God’s kingdom.

Our Patron
St. Jude is the patron of lost causes.
Feast Day: October 28th



Bishop Stanislaus V. Bona made the official announcement establishing St. Jude Parish on June 17, 1957. Father Anthony Baier was appointed the founding pastor.

Soon after the formal announcement was made, a rectory was built at 503 N. Platten Street. Sunday masses were held at Annunciation Church, weekday masses and parish meetings were held in the newly constructed rectory. Contracts for the church-school-convent complex were let on March 11, 1958. Groundbreaking took place March 30, 1958. The church was completed on December 14, 1958. The first Mass was celebrated in St. Jude Church on December 14, 1958.



Mission Statement
The mission of Jesus, and therefore, the church, is to proclaim the Good News of salvation to all. As part of Jesus and His Church, we the members of St. Patrick Parish, Green Bay, are called to share this mission. To proclaim the Good News we will: witness love for one another regardless of gender, color, race; be united in worship and prayer; live in a spirit of hospitality and welcome; have compassion for those in need; deepen our awareness toward the world community; be responsible for the earth’s resources.

Our Patron
St. Patrick is the patron of Ireland.
Feast Day: March 17



St. Patrick’s has a long and fruitful history in Green Bay. After a year of construction, dedication ceremonies were held on September 23, 1866. Four years later, the parish found it necessary to expand. The church size was doubled and turned to face the east. The existing church was built under the leadership of Rev. Michael O’Brien in 1893-94.

Father John O’Brien came to St. Patrick’s in 1982. Under his leadership all the buildings were upgraded, the parking lot was paved, the grounds were landscaped, the ramp entrance was constructed (which is handicapped accessible), central air conditioning was installed, and a new steeple was erected on the church.

Msgr. Brian Coleman succeeded Fr. O’Brien as Administrator in 1999. There were updates under his leadership as well. All 14 of the beautiful stained glass windows (a St. Patrick’s treasure) were rejuvenated and repaired. It was a time consuming task, but well worth the effort.

St. Patrick’s was the first Irish settlement church on the west side of Green Bay where family roots and traditions grow deep. Although families and friends have grown up and moved away, many come back to St. Patrick’s to worship, pray, and visit. St. Patrick’s is a neighborhood parish, yet our parishioners live throughout Green Bay and the surrounding areas.

April 30, 2021

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