Quad-Parish Staff

Here to Serve and Share Faith

Fr. Tony De los Santos - Administrator

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Loving my ministry….Being a Pastor gives me the privilege to accompany
you down the road to holiness and peace in discovering, following,
worshiping and sharing Jesus to everyone.

Fr. Armando Red - Parochial Vicar

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Sr. Pat Clement, CSJ - Pastoral Associate

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Teaching is one of my God-Given gifts. Now I have the dream ministry–people come to bible study, book clubs, retreats, missions and have the privilege of sharing matters of the heart with all who come. Each group has become a community within a community and our mission to learn how to love like Christ continues to grow.
Growing In Faith, Care & Support

Dcn. Jerry Coenen - Deacon

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God has called me to serve with humor and compassion. I have served the church in mission work in Guatemala and Mexico.  In Tijuana we sponsored a mission church.  We supported the building of a church and school providing supplies and food for the people.  Now I enjoy working with and serving the people here.
Justice & Service, English Classes

Dcn. Dan Wagnitz - Deacon

[email protected]      920-496-2160
I was asked to serve the Quad Parishes when I was ordained as a Permanent Deacon in 2009.  I was actually baptized at St. Patrick and grew up attending St. Jude.  Being assigned here has been a blessing because it was like coming home in many respects.

Dcn. Mike Mervilde - Deacon


Care & Support

Carol Kittell - Business Administrator

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It is a privilege to work with our parishioners to help grow vibrant faith communities.  The relationships I have developed are what keep me coming to the office each day!  As the business administrator, no two days are alike; which challenges me to learn and grow.
Share Your Gifts

Sr. Jan Villemure - Pastoral Minister

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After teaching school as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, for many years, I enjoy learning from the wisdom of our parishioners, as I visit the sick at home, in care centers and hospitals.  They teach me how to live as I age, to accept illness when it comes and to prepare for death someday, when God calls.
Care & Support

Nancy Lemerond - Music Coordinator

[email protected]     920-496-2160 x129
I enjoy sharing my gift for music and feel passionate about the power of music to build and unify community, and enrich our shared worship. I am delighted when our parishioners identify their gifts and use them to serve others.
Prayer & Worship, Care & Support

Jennifer Poehlmann - Liturgical Coordinator

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Prayer & Worship

Laurie Verheyden - Business Office Secretary

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Abby Kurth - Children & Family Coordinator

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Jesus says, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3).  I find purpose in providing youth opportunities to encounter God so that they can continue to teach our parish communities what it means to have child-like faith.
Children & Youth

Joseph Walkowski - Youth Discipleship & Formation Coordinator

[email protected]      920-497-7042 x125
As a scientific apologist and Catholic scholar, my passion is showing people the “why” of faith. I’ve spent years studying and writing on Greek grammar, different theologies, multiple sciences, and endless schools of philosophy! I’m beyond blessed to be able to show everyone the mind-blowing depth of our Catholic faith.
Children & Youth

Mary Jane (MJ) Smithers - Bookkeeper

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Becky VanKauwenberg - Discipleship & High School Coordinator

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Hearing the stories of how God is touching lives and inspiring our parishioners to share the joy of the Gospel with others is such a blessing.  I’ll never forget a sixth grader saying, with all the awe and wonder you can imagine, “God is real!”
Children & Youth, Try Alpha

Patrick Jelen - Maintenance Coordinator

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Jerry Leisgang - Maintenance

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