Quad-Parish Staff

Here to Serve and Share Faith

Fr. Dave Schmidt - Pastor

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Fr. Greg Parent - Associate Pastor

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Sr. Pat Clement, CSJ - Pastoral Associate

Dcn. Jerry Coenen - Deacon

Patrick Jelen - Maintenance Coordinator

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Carol Kittell - Business Administrator

[email protected]    920-496-2160 x112
It is a privilege to work with our parishioners to help grow vibrant faith communities.  The relationships I have developed are what keep me coming to the office each day!  As the business administrator, no two days are alike; which challenges me to learn and grow.
Share Your Gifts

Kristin LaPlante - Elementary & Middle School Coordinator

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Children & Youth

Jerry Leisgang - Maintenance

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Nancy Lemerond - Music Coordinator

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I enjoy sharing my gift for music and feel passionate about the power of music to build and unify community, and enrich our shared worship. I am delighted when our parishioners identify their gifts and use them to serve others.
Prayer & Worship, Care & Support

Dcn. Mike Mervilde - Deacon


Care & Support

Jennifer Poehlmann - Liturgical Coordinator

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Prayer & Worship

Mary Jane (MJ) Smithers - Bookkeeper

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Share Your Gifts

Nancy Van Beek - Administrative Assistant

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Children & Youth

Becky VanKauwenberg - Discipleship & High School Coordinator

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Hearing the stories of how God is touching lives and inspiring our parishioners to share the joy of the Gospel with others is such a blessing.  I’ll never forget a sixth grader saying, with all the awe and wonder you can imagine, “God is real!”
Children & Youth, Try Alpha

Laurie Verheyden - Business Office Secretary

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Sr. Jan Villemure - Pastoral Minister

[email protected]      920-496-2160 x131
After teaching school for many years, I enjoy learning from the wisdom of our parishioners, as I visit the sick at home, in care centers and hospitals.  They teach me how to live as I age, to accept illness when it comes and to prepare for death someday, when God calls.
Care & Support

Dcn. Dan Wagnitz - Deacon

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