Quad-Parish Staff

Here to Serve and Share Faith

Fr. Tony De los Santos - Administrator

[email protected]      920-496-2160 x121
Loving my ministry….Being a Pastor gives me the privilege to accompany you down the road to holiness and peace in discovering, following, worshiping and sharing Jesus to everyone.

Fr. Philip Dinh-Van-Thiep - Sacramental Minister

[email protected]        920-445-3468
It was always my joy to work with the councils, the committees, and the parishioners-at-large to help each other to Discover Jesus, to Follow Jesus, to Worship Jesus and to Share Jesus. As a priest, even when I am retired, the highlight of my ministry has always been and will be the celebration of the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist [Holy Mass] –the source and summit of our Christian life.

Sr. Pat Clement, CSJ - Pastoral Associate

[email protected]      920-496-2160 x125
Teaching is one of my God-Given gifts. Now I have the dream ministry–people come to bible study, book clubs, retreats, missions and have the privilege of sharing matters of the heart with all who come. Each group has become a community within a community and our mission to learn how to love like Christ continues to grow.
Growing In Faith, Care & Support

Dcn. Dan Wagnitz - Deacon

[email protected]      920-496-2160
I was asked to serve the Quad Parishes when I was ordained as a Permanent Deacon in 2009.  I was actually baptized at St. Patrick and grew up attending St. Jude.  Being assigned here has been a blessing because it was like coming home in many respects.

Dcn. Bill Gerl - Business Administrator

[email protected]      920-496-2160 x122
As a deacon, I am called to serve God and God’s people through The Word, Worship and Work. I enjoy each of these responsibilities very much and strive to perform each of them in a way that helps others know, love, serve and share God in a deep and meaningful way.

Prayer & Worship

Sr. Jan Villemure - Pastoral Minister

[email protected]      920-496-2160 x131
After teaching school as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity, for many years, I enjoy learning from the wisdom of our parishioners, as I visit the sick at home, in care centers and hospitals.  They teach me how to live as I age, to accept illness when it comes and to prepare for death someday, when God calls.
Care & Support

Laurie Verheyden - Business Office Secretary

[email protected]      920-496-2160 x110


Mark Phillips - Liturgical Coordinator

Mary Jane (MJ) Smithers - Bookkeeper

[email protected]      920-496-2160 x111

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Patrick Jelen - Maintenance Coordinator

[email protected]      920-496-2160

Jerry Leisgang - Maintenance

[email protected]      920-497-7042

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