Children & Youth

Supporting Families, Children, and Youth in the Catholic Faith

Building strong Catholic families is a priority at the Quad-Parishes. Ministry to young families focus on providing resources and opportunities for families to grow in their faith together.  Parents are the best people to teach children about God, about Jesus, about the Holy Spirit, and about our Catholic faith.  Faith formation begins with you at home, for you provide living witness to the Gospel by how you care for your family, how you work, how you help others, how you worship, and how you pray.  We are here to support you and your family as you grow in faith and live as a family full of Christ’s Disciples

Faith Formation
Upcoming Dates Confirmation Dates
Online Registration has begun! Forms will also be available at each of the churches and the Quad Parish Office. Classes start on  Wed Oct 2.

Wed May 7

Nativity Church

Questions, contact Patti Phillips

920-496-2160 x 133