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Silence & Sunset – Embers from the Fire

August 5, 2021

The words “Praised be You, my Lord” appear eight times in The Canticle of the Creatures. Why has this 800-year-old poem composed by St. Francis of Assisi endured for so many centuries and what does it have to say to us today?

Join us at 6:30 pm on Thursday, Aug. 19, at St. Francis Convent, 3110 Nicolet Drive, when Deacon Dan Wagnitz will present the Canticle. Reflection time will follow. Participants may quietly view firsthand the mosaic interpretations of the Canticle (featured in this video), enjoy the Convent’s prairie grounds or stay in the chapel until sunset.

Evening schedule (times are approximate):
5:45 pm — Optional Shuttle Bus Departs from St. Jude Parish  (map
6:00 pm — Doors open
6:30 pm — Welcome by Sister Jane Riha, OSF
6:40 pm — Presentation by Deacon Dan Wagnitz of the Quad-Parishes, Green Bay
7:15 pm — Pray, reflect and explore the Canticle mosaics, flower gardens and paths 
7:45 pm — Gather outside for song and setting of the sun 
7:55 pm — Closing prayer and final blessing
8:15 pm — Board bus (west-side registrants)

Free bus transportation from the west side of Green Bay will be provided by the Quad-Parishes of Green Bay. The pick up and drop off location will be St. Jude Parish in Green Bay. This event is a partnership of the Quad-Parishes of Green Bay and the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross.

The event is FREE but registration is required for both the event and bus transportation.  Event capacity is 60 people; bus capacity is 30.

 Click here to  register at