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The Dapple Gray – Embers from the Fire

January 20, 2022
The Dapple Gray – 01/21/2022 There was a little hatch-type door from my bedroom into the attic storage area of my childhood home.  It was poorly insulated, so in the summer it was roasting in there, and in the winter,

Backyard Observations – Embers from the Fire

January 16, 2022
Backyard Observations – 01/14/2022 It was really “country” when we moved out here 31 years ago.  The city has definitely closed in, but we are fortunate to still live on the edge of country.  There is about thirty acres of

Solitary – Embers From the Fire

January 8, 2022
Solitary – 1/7/2022 Even though winter has set in I still try to get in an afternoon walk, just to get some fresh air.  Some days, like today, the air is really fresh, helped by a stiff westerly wind that

The Wagnitz Constellation – Embers from the Fire

December 31, 2021
The Wagnitz Constellation – 12/31/2021 The night sky is a wonder.  As the night deepens, the sky deepens and you can see farther and farther.  It’s as if the night itself lights afire more and more stars as it stretches

Christmas Eve – Embers from the Fire

December 23, 2021
Christmas Eve – 12/24/2021    At the edge of the woods, at the edge of the meadow, a strong oak, limbs like arms raised in the orans position seem to lead evening prayer.  It’s blue shadows, almost violet upon the

Oh Danny Boy – Embers from the Fire

December 16, 2021
Oh Danny Boy – 12/17/2021 I don’t know why my parents named me Dan, other than my mother shared with me that it was the name she preferred.  She never explained why she preferred it.  But I do remember watching

Cheating Santa – Embers from the Fire

December 10, 2021
Cheating Santa – 12/10/2021 I am writing this on St. Nick Day.  Actually, it’s the real St. Nicholas feast day.  He was a Bishop in what is now Turkey who died way back in the middle of the fourth century. 

Fresh Canvas – Embers from the Fire

December 2, 2021
Fresh Canvas – 12/3/2021 I will confess right at the beginning of this essay that I like snow.  To be more specific, I like falling snow. I like to watch it. For me it is like a crackling wood fire

Birds and Feathers – Embers From the Fire

November 26, 2021
Birds and Feathers – 11/26/2021 Not everything that can be known, will be known.  While that statement may sound a bit pessimistic, it points to the reality of mystery in this world.  Mystery invites curiosity.  Curiosity can lead to discovery;

Embers From the Fire – Hold Firm, and Wait

November 18, 2021
Hold Firm, and Wait I have made no secret of the fact that Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  October is like a trout stream to my heart; I just have to get out into the middle of