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Category: Embers from the Fire

In the Balance

March 24, 2023
In the Balance March had pushed itself into late February.  The little snow that had fallen was dry and powdery so what was still on the ground had seemed to evaporate more than melt during a week of springish days


March 18, 2023
The truest measuring rod of the annual tug of war between Winter and Spring is the icicle.  I remember as a child with very limited artistic ability, drawing pictures of our house huddled and shivering in the deep freeze of

Looking Ahead / Looking Back

March 12, 2023
Looking Ahead / Looking Back When my wife decorates the house for Christmas, some of the decor is winter-themed.  That means when Christmas season is over and those decorations get packed up and stored again in the basement, the general

Eye on the Sky

March 5, 2023
  What do you say when the first robin of the year turns into a robin invasion?  This first week or two of March I expect to see a robin in the yard.  We built our house in 1991 and

Calm After the Storm

February 24, 2023
  There’s something about a big snow that has always spoken to my heart.  I like to watch any snowfall, but when the forecast says “storm” I pay particular attention.  It is a bit strange because I have never liked

Shadows, Ground Hogs, Late Season Snow, & Magic Tracks

February 19, 2023
A kindergarten teacher I know shared this story with me.  On Ground Hog’s Day they took the students outside to see if they could see their shadow or not.  One little boy in particular was especially happy that it was

True Song

February 11, 2023
  This has been an interesting week weather-wise with late March-like days sneaking into early February.  Yesterday on my walk it was sunny and 40 plus degrees.  This time of untrustworthy too-early spring has the birds confused. February is the

Quick on the Draw

February 3, 2023
  I never understood those, including my first-born wife, who insist that the youngest child is always the most spoiled, most privileged child of any family.  My skepticism comes from first-hand experience, myself being a youngest child.  I am not

Snow Day

January 26, 2023
There is something calming and exciting about a snowy morning.  When the kids were, well kids, they would get so excited about forecast of a snowy morning.  Maybe it would allow them to sleep in if there was a delay. 

Soft Skies

January 26, 2023
Mid-winter in the north can be a challenge to the spirit. Day upon day extends the story of overcast skies. Seemingly endless gray that presses silence down upon the soul can lead one to literally ache for a glimpse, even