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Embers on the Move!

June 1, 2023

It was three years ago in April that I started writing the weekly blog Embers From the Fire.
Writing the blog initially was a reaction to the COVID pandemic. As the country engaged in
lockdowns in an attempt to control the spread of the virus, that included suspension of public
Mass, we on the Quad Parish Staff were searching for ways to keep our Quad Parishes family
engaged and in touch with one another. Embers was my contribution to that need, and that’s also
why the blog has been posted to the Quad Parish Website and Facebook page.
The purpose of Embers, from the beginning, has been to help people be more aware that God is
present and active in every life. We all encounter God every day, especially in our relationship
with His creation, and our relationships with each other. Embers relies on the ancient
foundations of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, because where those are found, God is found.
As Embers enters its fourth year, it is time to transition it to its own platform where hopefully it
will reach even more people. Going forward then, Embers will be posted on its own website: and its own Facebook page. You can go directly to these sites; we
will also continue to post a link on the Quad Parishes sites so you can access Embers that way as

Each Friday morning, a new, original essay will be posted. Also, on Tuesday mornings, three
essays from previous years will also be posted, so that eventually all of the essays I have written
from the beginning of the blog will be available in one place. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the brand-
new Friday posts, and maybe you’ll come across an old favorite, or something you may have
missed the first time around on Tuesdays.
I truly appreciate those of you who have been regular followers of Embers, especially those who
have encouraged me with feedback in-person. I hope that you will continue to read Embers on a
regular basis at their new “home” platforms, and that you share the new sites with your family
and friends.

His Peace,
Deacon Dan