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The Greening

June 12, 2020
Embers from the Fire A weekly blog by Deacon Dan Wagnitz for the Quad Parish Community The Greening – 6/12/2020 Is there any better metaphor of hope than a newly planted farm field? All the work and investment with the

The Black Cauldron

June 5, 2020
Embers from the Fire A weekly blog by Deacon Dan Wagnitz for the Quad Parish Community Black Cauldron – 6/5/2020 The apple trees in the back yard blossomed this week. That got me thinking about the apple tree across the

Priest Transitions at the Quad-Parishes

May 22, 2020
The Diocese of Green Bay has announced transfers and new assignments for priests throughout the Diocese.  The Quad-Parish communities have been informed that both Fr. Dave and Fr. Greg will be getting new assignments beginning August 3, 2020.  We appreciate

Finding God in Silence – Sr. Jan

April 30, 2020
Finding God in Silence This week is called Good Shepherd Sunday. The Gospel from John 10:1-10 reminds us of something we have known since we were children, Jesus is our Shepherd and we are His sheep. A commentary I read

Finding God in the Silence – Fr. Greg Parent

April 23, 2020
During this time of social isolation many of us are coming face to face with the struggle of being silent. We are communal by nature. We need people! So what do we do when we can’t be with each other?

Is this Crazy or what? – Carol Kittell

April 1, 2020
Did any of us ever think something like this current situation with the coronavirus and the “Safe at Home” directives would be our new reality? How fast our lives were changed! From one day to the next, we had no

Quad-Parish Plan In Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

March 21, 2020
What You Should Know In the midst of recent developments of the Coronavirus, life is going to be looking a little different at the Quad-Parishes the next several weeks! While we will not be able to gather together, we know

All For Us – Nancy Lemerond

March 15, 2020
As I write this, my husband and I have returned from a weekend with our children, their spouses and the grandchildren. We were together to celebrate our youngest grand-son’s 3rd birthday. Saturday morning the day of the party, Marshall was