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A Sober Mind – Joseph W.

January 21, 2021
A Sober Mind I write today of a peculiar verse in the Second Epistle to the Corinthians. St. Paul, having already twice visited the people of Corinth, writes to them a defense of his past actions. It seems that the

The True Knowledge – Joseph Walkowski

January 14, 2021
The True Knowledge In writing this, I’m struck by how accurate the adage “history repeats itself” is. When new or revolutionary ideas are introduced into a society or group, individuals usually tend to form their generalized opinion of that idea

Being Well-Pleased – Sr. Jan

January 7, 2021
Being Well-Pleased The scene in today’s Gospel is the Baptism of Jesus. The evangelist Mark tells us a voice came from the heavens that said, “You are my Beloved Son, with you I am well-pleased.” My thoughts are based on

Used Gifts, by Deacon Dan

December 31, 2020
My brother Tom never grew up. Unfortunately, he didn’t grow old either, having died of a heart attack at just 48. But even if the Lord had granted him more years here on earth, I am convinced that Tom would

2021 – Carol Kittell

December 24, 2020
It’s almost here! After all the challenges of 2020, I am looking forward to starting over, moving forward, and taking on 2021. We can all pray that 2021 arrives with more blessings than challenges. As we reach the end of

Christmas Blessings – Becky VanKauwenberg

December 18, 2020
As we celebrate Christmas together with our family and friends in unique ways this year, Joyce Rupp’s poem “Christmas Blessing” is a wonderful reflection preparing our hearts for the day that Christ is born. God Bless! – Becky VanKauwenberg “Christmas

In Awe – Abby Kurth

December 10, 2020
“In Awe”      As we approach the Christmas season, we prepare our hearts and minds for many gifts. Of course, the best of those gifts is Jesus, but we are also constantly surrounded by the commercialization of Christmas. How

Prepare the Way of the Lord – Fr. Armando

December 3, 2020
Almost Christmas, right? But the word ALMOST is an incredibly sad word. It usually denotes a crushing sense of failure, disappointment, and regret. The Old Testaments abound with stories of “almost.” Adam and Eve ALMOST stayed in paradise forever until

Pastoral Column – Fr. Tony

November 25, 2020
With the coming of this Season of Advent, we’re invited by our Holy Mother the Church as we journey in faith to deeply reflect the Mystery of Jesus Christ that’s always new and alive which time can’t fathom nor exhaust.

Christ the King – Sr. Pat

November 19, 2020
This feast day took on new meaning for me when I entered the convent. I am a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Our Motherhouse is located in south St. Louis, MO. Our convent is big enough that we have