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Important Words – Fr. Tony

May 19, 2022

John 14:23-29: Those who love me will keep my Word and my Father will love them and we will come to them and make our home with them…

These words were part of Jesus’ farewell discourse during the Last Supper with His disciples. The next day – Good Friday – He manifested his great outpouring of love nailed
on the Cross – a love which remained the same, yesterday, today & forever.

As his disciples, we can justify and prove our love for Jesus if we’re consistent in keeping His Words. Inviting Jesus into our lives is paving the way to the sacred presence of the Holy Spirit & our Father in heaven. And his peace will surely reign and dwell in our hearts. Day by day, we strive our level best to work in creating harmony that comes out from our lips and our actions – what we profess and what we do!

Keeping Jesus’ Words in our hearts is drawing out wisdom from His lessons of love and service during his earthly life. And we make extra efforts to live it and be ruled by Jesus’

One of the greatest obstacles in keeping Jesus’ word is our super ego. Our inflated pride pushes us to abandon the way of righteousness in favor of the pleasurable or the easy way
of the world. The evil one is aware that we’re making efforts to obey and follow Jesus faithfully. That’s why the evil one lays down many snares down the road to trigger our selfishness and pride to freeze our hearts. To prevent this surge of the evil one to take over our lives, we choose the path of humility of heart which moves us to the opposite road of self-denial and complete way of littleness.

The truth is: the road to holiness is narrow and tough. But Jesus asks us to rely on His sufficient grace moving forward so that in due time, we shall rejoice in the company of the
Father. Believing in Jesus gives us the confidence that we’re temples of the Holy Spirit. And His Spirit will ever guide and enlighten us to understand deeply His Word and keep it in our hearts.

O God, let the peoples praise you!” – Psalm 66:4

Fr Tony