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Hearts Must Follow – Dcn. Dan

June 30, 2022

Hearts Must Follow

This weekend my family will be gathered to celebrate our youngest granddaughter, Molly, who turned one on July 2nd. Molly is a reminder to our family of just how precious life is. Her parents longed for and prayed for a baby. Their first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. It was difficult for my daughter and husband, and for all of our family. We ached for these two and we mourned the son or daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew, or cousin that we never got a chance to hold, to hug, to kiss. But that doesn’t mean we did not get the chance to love.

In time, in the middle of COVID, Elizabeth became pregnant again. I am sure she and her husband Jason had much anxiety and hope and worry. Many prayers were prayed. To all our joy Molly was born. There was a potentially serious health concern at about six months, but God provided great doctors and an effective treatment plan. Through this first year Molly has grown and smiled and laughed and cooed and crawled and walked and jabbered her way further & further into our hearts, where she has been since the first day we were aware of Elizabeth’s pregnancy.

This week we witnessed the Supreme Court overturn Roe versus Wade and rule that there is no such thing in the Constitution as the right to abortion. Those of us on the pro-life side certainly see this as a positive step in saving the life of unborn children.

However, my prayers before this court ruling and now since have never been about overturning Roe versus Wade. I have been praying for conversion of hearts.

Laws, even in America, are subject to the whims of those in political power. All you have to do is watch the protests, and listen to those who support abortion to realize that overturning Roe is not a solution in and of itself. The solution lies in seeing all life as a precious gift. The solution lies in seeing the potential of every human life. The solution lies in rediscovering the wisdom, beauty and mutual support in strong, loving & holy families.

The solution lies in rediscovering the sacredness of each person and the genius in God’s plan that sexual expression is most perfect as an expression of lifelong love and commitment.

All this is only possible through conversion of hearts. Only conversion of hearts can get us past all of the emotion to where we can rediscover fundamental truths and live lives that protect and nurture each individual so that each person, each family, each community, each country finds love, finds happiness, finds purpose, finds justice and finds peace.


His Peace, Deacon Dan