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Embers From the Fire – Dream Ships

October 28, 2021

Dream Ships – 10/29/2021

Four-year-old Molly and Grandpa went out the cabin door together, hand in hand, but Molly quickly pulled free.  She ran ahead on the trail down to the lake because she was excited.  Grandpa didn’t call her back; he just chuckled.   

The fall air was crisp.  Molly felt chilly for just a second or two because the cabin had been warm and cozy, but the coolness of the morning hugged Molly all over.  There was a little frost on the ground.  Molly noticed how it sparkled in the bright morning sunshine.

It was October and the magic time of color.  The leaves were all yellows, oranges and reds.  Molly liked all of the greens of summer, but she thought that autumn was the prettiest season of them all.  She reached the lake shore and stopped to wait for Grandpa to catch up under a huge maple tree – all of its leaves were red.   

They both stood there looking east across the lake into the sunrise.  The lake was still.  A little breeze stirred; they watched it move across the lake as it created tiny little ripples.  Each ripple sparkled in the sunshine just as the frost did.  A second puff of breeze sent a little shudder of red leaves to flight.  Grandpa pointed to them floating through the air.  “Just like a little flock of cardinals, isn’t it Molly,” Grandpa said.  Grandpa was always seeing things like that.  “There’s always more to see than what you see Molly.”  Grandpa said that a lot on their walks.  Molly didn’t really understand what he meant and Grandpa never explained it.

“Look Molly,” Grandpa pointed as the leaves landed on the water.  The leaves were curled and they landed with their edges pointing up.  “Those are dream ships,” Grandpa said.  Molly’s eyes grew big, “What do you mean Grandpa?  Why are they dream ships?” 

“See how they look on the water, Molly?  They look like little sailing ships,” Grandpa explained.  “Each of them holds a dream.”  Molly’s eyes grew even bigger and she strained to see the dream carried by each little red leaf.  I don’t see anything, Grandpa.”  “But they are there, Molly; they are there,” Grandpa reassured her.

Grandpa went on, “There is a special wind that blows these dreams all around the world.  Some of those dreams get caught up in the leaves as they twirl around in the air.  Each leaf that is curled like that holds one of those dreams, and for a little while the dream floats on the water. “  

“Are they scary dreams, Grandpa?”  Molly asked, suddenly concerned.  She stepped a half step back from the water’s edge.  “No, Molly.  The special wind only blows dreams that are full of wonder and discovery.  They are all about love, because the special wind is all about love.  And when people open their minds and open their hearts, they can dream those dreams about love.  In fact, the special wind will keep blowing all of those dreams about love all around the world until someone dreams each one.”

“Can I dream one of the dreams, Grandpa?”  Molly asked.  It sounded exciting.  “Yes, you can Molly.  Everyone can if they want to.”   Molly looked up at Grandpa’s smile.  “You won’t even have to be asleep to dream one of those dreams.”  They stood there quiet for a moment. 

“How did you learn so much about dreams, Grandpa,” Molly asked.  “In a dream of course Molly.  In a dream about dreams,” Grandpa answered.  Molly reached up and took Grandpa’s hand.  His big hand swallowed up her little hand.  It was warm and he squeezed hers just a little – enough to feel snug and safe.  It felt like a dream about love Molly thought to herself. 

They headed up the hill together hand in hand.


His Peace,

Deacon Dan


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