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“Learning from my Niece!” – Fr. Greg

November 22, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I got to go to the Twin Cities
for my 6-week-old niece’s baptism. I took advantage
of being all the way over there and stayed for a few
extra days. Spending time with that little girl was an
amazing gift, and she taught me some lessons in
ways that only infants can.

I was prepared for dirty diapers and bath time, and I
knew that she would get hungry as I was holding her.
What I was not prepared for, was that these moments
of discomfort for her were literally the most traumatic
experiences in her new life. She didn’t just cry as her
diaper was being changed, she absolutely lost her
mind! As I was helping to give her a bath, it felt like I
was torturing the poor girl! But every time, my brother
and/or sister-in-law would calmly take her, and, knowing
that she couldn’t understand, would lovingly explain
to her that they love her and because they love
her, they need to change her diaper or give her a

It struck me that this is how I am with God all the time.
So often I don’t understand what he is doing, and what
at the end of the day are minor things can feel like the
end of the world at the moment. But God loves us too
much to not make us uncomfortable.
As we come to the end of Ordinary Time, take some
time to think about ways that God wants you to be
uncomfortable. No matter how uncomfortable we get,
we know that he will be there calmly explaining that he
loves us. All we have to do is trust.

Fr Greg