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Silent Spring

April 27, 2023
  Spring does not seem to come silently.  From the first drip of snowmelt, spring is a season that plays on the ear.  Even in the lowly ditch of the farm field the water drops quickly gather and begin to

Wild Daffodils

April 22, 2023
About 25 years ago we planted daffodil bulbs on the south side of our house where they would bloom the earliest.  We enjoyed the bright yellow blooms in April for years.  But 10 years ago, we decided to have a

In the Pause

November 10, 2022
The phase of the season is vividly reflected in the nearby ponds of a nature conservancy area that lie along the path of my morning walk.  Recent rains and the dieback of shoreline weeds give the ponds the appearance of

Talk Summary

February 3, 2022
This past weekend, at Annunciation, St. Joseph & St. Jude, a talk was given regarding challenges, changes & opportunities facing the parishes in the next weeks to months. This is a summary of that talk: Within the next six weeks,

3rd Monday of Advent, December 13

December 13, 2021
Preparing the way of the Lord with good works, time with Jesus, and expression of the dignity of the human person. – Dcn. Jerry Coenen Advent of Faithful deed & Reflection 3rd Monday of Advent, December 13 Watch & Reflect