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Dan’s Landing       

January 2, 2023
     I like the name of it – Dan’s Landing.  If there was true justice in this fallen world, it should be a canoe launch on some remote northern lake with great shoreline flyfishing, or a put-in point on

Winter Night

December 25, 2022
  It had been sullen gray every day for more than a week, so yesterday afternoon’s sunshine was welcome relief, even though it was accompanied by some, shall we say, ‘crisp’ temperatures.  We seem to be fully entrenched in the

Wave Snowman, Wave

December 15, 2022
A major cold front came through last night.  The temperature was hovering slightly above freezing for the first eight hours or so of precipitation, before finally turning to snow sometime in the middle of the night.  I woke up to

Angel Food

December 10, 2022
You start with a heavy aluminum pan. . . The conversation among a core of women at a family member’s funeral in October turned to an unrealized promise made almost 11 years ago at another family member’s funeral.  That previous

Memories and Dreams

November 30, 2022
There is something about the traditional holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas) that warms the heart.  Perhaps more than any other time of year the holiday season is a rich blend of old and new, of what was and what will