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Beginnings & Endings – Embers from the Fire

May 14, 2022
Beginnings & Endings – 5/13/2022 Spring is exploding this week.  Two weeks ago, as I hunted turkeys I wore long underwear and gloves because each morning started at about twenty degrees.  This week we had some sunshine and summer-like temperatures. 

The God of Newness – Sr. Pat

May 14, 2022
The God of Newness Today’s gospel reading is short but so amazing. God only asks one thing of us, to love one another as God has loved us. Compare that command to all the challenges you have heard in your

An Unlikely Doctor – Joseph W.

May 5, 2022
An Unlikely Doctor Writing this on April 29, I am overjoyed to see that this date celebrates the feast of one of the greatest role models for women (and men, of course): Saint Catherine of Siena. Catherine, a lay Dominican

A Day Afield – Embers from the Fire

April 29, 2022
A Day Afield – 4/29/2022 Because of other commitments, and last year just because I forgot to send in my application on time, I set out this morning for my first spring turkey hunt in six years. A few notes

Why the Sad Face? – Dcn. Bill

April 29, 2022
Happy Easter my friends! Over the past couple of decades, I have asked a lot of people what their favorite season of the year is. Obviously, when you ask enough people, you are bound to find people who say winter,