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This and That – Carol K.

March 24, 2022

This and That

Starting a few weeks ago, we added an hour of Eucharistic Adoration following the 8:00 am Mass at Annunciation on Fridays. All are welcome to join us for Mass and then stay to spend some quiet time in adoration. Please note we will no longer have Adoration, Music and Confession at 7:00 pm on the second Thursdays. Instead, opportunity for  confessions will be every Thursday, 5:30 pm at Annunciation.

There was a nice turnout for a really fun gathering at St. Pat’s on March 17, the Feast of St. Patrick. It was wonderful to be able to come together to celebrate. Thank you to all those who worked to make this possible.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all who continue to support our parishes through the Quad-Fest Write a Check, St. Joseph’s Parking Lot Capital Campaign, the Bishop’s Appeal and the One-by-One Campaign. A lot is being asked of you right now and the number of parishioners making sacrifices to be able to support these endeavors is amazing. Your generosity is beyond expectations. Thank you very much!

With the departure of Nicholas as our Music Coordinator (he left to take a full-time position), we ask for your prayers & patience as we work to meet the musical needs of our parishes.

Spring has Sprung! Days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Take time to notice the hand of God in new beginnings and new growth. As the crocus sprouts and
the tulips bloom, so will our parishes as we go forth as people of the Resurrection to meet the challenges currently ahead of us. We surrender ourselves to God knowing that there is a plan for our parishes and that we will be led to where we are meant to go. HAPPY SPRING!

Carol Kittel