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* Important Update *

February 24, 2022

After much prayer, discussion, and work over the past months, we are now able to provide a much-awaited update on the future of St. Patrick Parish. As you know, as of July 1, 2022, St. Patrick will no longer be a part of the Quad-Parishes but will become an independent parish under the leadership of the Oratory (the Latin Rite community).

Although there has been anxiety and concern about what will happen to our parish, the following information should help to alleviate those concerns:

  • St. Patrick will continue to have a Mass at 4:00 pm on Saturdays and at 8:00 am on Tuesdays. A priest will be assigned to preside at these masses.
  • There will be two sets of financial records kept – one set for St. Patrick & a separate set for the Oratory. You can feel comfortable giving to your parish and knowing that your parish will receive your donation. If you are from another parish and put your collection envelope in the collection basket at St. Patrick’s, your envelope will be forwarded to your own parish.
  • Liturgical ministers (sacristans, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, servers, musicians) will still be needed for the English mass. A meeting will be scheduled, at a later date, to address these areas.
  • Canon Boucheron, the current priest for the Oratory, will be appointed administrator of St. Patrick Parish. He will fill the same role, and will have the same responsibilities, as Fr. Tony has with the Quad-Parishes. Canon Boucheron will also continue as the rector of the Oratory.
  • Although the Oratory currently operates under a different set of guidelines than Diocesan parishes, beginning July 1, St. Patrick Parish, which will consist of both the English Mass and the Latin Mass communities, will operate under the diocesan guidelines. This means that there will be two trustees, one parish pastoral council and one finance council serving both communities.
  • Canon Boucheron is beginning to plan for office, maintenance, and pastoral care staff. It is possible that a few of our Quad-Parish employees could become part-time employees of St. Patrick Parish while continuing to work for our other three parishes.
  • St. Patrick Food Pantry will continue its operations.

While much as been done, there are still details to be worked out. Please be patient as the process moves forward. Yes, this transition is hard. Yes, there have been many changes. Yes, there are challenges; however, and most importantly, yes, there are new opportunities. Get to know the people of the Oratory and let them get to know you. I remember, many years ago, hearing a priest say that priests like to get to know you as a person, not just a face. That was news to me; however, that comment was the beginning of my involvement in the life of my church.

I am sure Canon Boucheron feels the same way; he wants to know you. If you have an opportunity, go up to him, introduce yourself to him, SMILE at him. Even if he will not be presiding at the English masses, he can still be your pastor – if you let him.


– Carol Kittel