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Creating New – Dcn. Dan

December 31, 2021

Creating New

This is a season to recognize the ongoing newness of God. From a faith perspective these days of December and Christmas have been a whirlwind. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe witnessed that our God’s arms are always reaching wider and wider to embrace us. In the stable in Bethlehem, we celebrated Immanuel – God with us. God fulfilled the promise of the angel Gabriel and showed us in a newborn babe that nothing is impossible for God. In that same stable that little family, that poor family, that Holy Family became our family. We celebrated Mary Mother of God whose motherhood holds us all “in the fold of her arms” as she spoke to Juan Diego. And this weekend we recognize that God has established a new kingdom here on earth, and as we profess in the Creed, his kingdom will never end.

From a secular perspective we welcome the New Year of 2022. Many will be inspired to resolve to begin some aspect of their life new or anew. Rather than ignoring the process of resolutions as futile, perhaps it is more helpful to recognize that repentance, forgiveness and redemption are pillars of our faith and well worth serious consideration of the possibility to commitment of change and new growth. From a natural world perspective, we watch the whiteness of snow blanket the ground with freshness, with a sense of reclaimed purity.

See, he makes all things – all things – including you – new. Behold, his star is on the rise! Come, let us adore him.


His Peace, Deacon Dan