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Batteries Needed – Carol K.

December 23, 2021

Batteries Needed!

I am not a big fan of social media but I do have a Facebook page mainly to keep track of what my kids are doing. A lot of reflective posts show up on my page and I might skim through some of them but mostly I ignore them. A few weeks ago, however, I came upon a post that made me stop and think. I would like to share that post with you. (There was no
information given as to who wrote it so I am unable to credit the author).

“When a flashlight grows dim or quits working, do you just throw it away? Of course not. You change the batteries. When a person messes up or finds themselves in a dark place, do you cast them aside? Of course not! You help them change their batteries.

Some need AA…attention and affection; some need AAA…attention, affection, and acceptance; some need C…compassion; some need D…direction. And if they still don’t seem to shine…simply sit with them quietly and share your light.”

As we head into the new year, maybe as a New Year’s Resolution, we can stock up on our “batteries” and reach out to help someone who needs recharging or a light to share.

May God bless you all in many special ways in 2022!

Carol Kittell