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Welcome Nicholas!

August 12, 2021

Welcome Nicholas!

The most pressing thing I feel I must share with the Quad-Parish community in my first pastoral column is my desire to build strong relationships with the Quad-Parish community as a whole. As the new Music Coordinator, I am still building professional as well as spiritual relationships with my co-workers here in the office(s). I am also still building those same relationships with all of the musicians in the music program as well. These two groups of individuals here at the Quad-Parishes are eclipsed (numerically speaking) by the parishioners. That would be the overwhelming majority of the people reading this column.

I want you to know that I am praying for all of you and that I am listening to all of you as well. I’ve arrived into this spiritual community right at a time of tremendous change and the lesson that I have already taken away from it is that everyone’s voice must be heard because everyone matters here at the Quad-Parishes. I feel that this is an extension of the fact that everyone’s prayers and salvation matter to The Lord. I can’t really say much more than that at this point simply because of how new I am to this community. Just know that I am praying for everyone in the community, and I ask that you all do the same for me.


Thank you. God Bless.

Nicholas Saldaña