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Please be careful with your heart – Fr. Tony

August 26, 2021

Please be careful with your heart

We’re invited this 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time to undergo a “diagnostic heart test” to dig in the truth of who we are and our neighbor in God’s presence. As Catholics, we can’t be faithful and true in our faith if we just limit our devotion and piety into mere external rites.

Without our daily sync with Jesus and His Gospel of life in our Parish, we’re just mere actors on the arena of life.

Jesus emphasized that we can’t be decent Catholics if we just concentrate the practice of our faith only through rites. He quoted the Prophet Isaiah calling such deeds as “lip service” without any heart.

We could achieve a genuine purity of heart and Catholic lifestyle when it’s coming within our hearts. Unfortunately, evil thoughts and trending have been sown by the wily devil in our hearts – fornication, theft, murder, adultery, avarice, malice, envy, slander. These evil deeds erase God’s image in us.

We need conversion of hearts to bring back its purity and holiness. Our hearts must be again familiar with God’s Word. God’s Word must take deep root within our hearts so that we shall be guided and inspired in thought, word & deed to follow Jesus – our Master and Life – and obey His commands.


Fr. Tony