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What Can I Do? – Becky V.

June 25, 2021

A few weeks ago, the Quad-Parish Pastoral Team reflected on the past year and began visioning for the future. We reflected on where our parish communities were one year ago. At that time, we were just coming back together and continuing to navigate the daily updates and guidance provided from the Diocese on how to safely gather together.

This summer we are in a much different place from a year ago and as we look to the coming fall, we have great hope! During the conversation, the Pastoral Team asked the question: If we could jump one year into the future what do we hope for the Quad-Parish Communities?

Our hope is the Quad-Parish Communities will have:

 Had a personal Encounter with Jesus Christ
 Experienced the Eucharist as the core of who we are
 Lived our mission to find and help others to Find Home, Hope & Holiness
 Moved as one Church
 Been inspired by the lives of the Saints & celebrated their lives together
 Found support through the Diocese
 Acknowledged that we are still living through a pandemic while focusing on Christ as the center of our narrative
 Continued to walk through the grieving process together
 Asked the question, “What has God shown me throughout the past year?”
 Found HOPE!

We then identified one area to focus on that will impact the vision we discussed above. As simple as it seems, we hope to build a strong sense of community through contagious welcoming & hospitality. Each of the pastoral team was asked to identify one small thing we each can do to help reach this goal of building community together. We know small things done with great love can make an impact!

We would like to invite each of the parishioners at the Quad-Parishes to join us on the mission by asking yourself the question: “What is one thing I can do to build a stronger sense of Community at our parish through contagious Welcoming & Hospitality?” We encourage you to share your ideas with us so we can celebrate our journey of community together! Simply fill out the form and return to the Parish Office, email, share your thoughts on Facebook or submit via our Quad-Parish Website! Together we will find and help others to Find Home in Community, Hope in the Living Presence of Christ, and Holiness in our witness to the world.


God Bless,

Becky VanKauwenberg – Discipleship Coordinator