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Come, Holy Spirit – Sr. Pat

May 20, 2021

Come Holy Spirit

Did you come to church this morning filled with anticipation and tremendous joy? If you didn’t you are in good company. We heard last weekend that Jesus gathered his disciples one last time before he ascended into heaven. Their last response to him was, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” Like the rest of the Israelites they believed and hoped for another King David, a Messiah, who would be generally political and military.

How often we are like these disciples who walked with Jesus, witnessed incredible miracles including resurrection and like them we don’t get it either. That’s what makes Pentecost so powerfully urgent, and worthy of our praise, hope, and source of life.

Our hope is in Jesus who promised to be with us always until the end of the ages [Matthew 28:15]. Jesus also promised he “was sending the promise of his Father upon you; but stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high” [Luke 24:49]. The Holy Spirit is our source of life. If you have any doubts about this read Acts of the Apostles and notice all that Spirit does for us—blessing each one of us with special gifts for the good of the community and ourselves.

There isn’t enough room here to even begin to list all the ways the Holy Spirit works within us. I personally can attest to the fact that the Holy Spirit is at our beck and call every moment of every day. I am constantly amazed that whatever spiritual reading I am doing each day matches perfectly with whatever we are discussing in Bible study that week. This is every week and my selection of readings is random. Yet it so perfectly fits exactly where we are in class now. It continually “blows me away”.

If I need to say something, I say a quick prayer to the Holy Spirit and the right words are there. I see this often after a wake service when the family comes up to me and wonders how my reflection so perfectly described their loved one yet I had never met this person during his or her life.

I could go on but I have something I would like to pass on to you. It’s a prayer I was given awhile ago and I say it every morning. Don’t say it unless you mean it because the Holy Spirit will take you for your words in this prayer. You will be called into service and wonderfully surprised by the Spirit.


Come Holy Spirit,

Help me to replace the busyness of my life with a simpler lifestyle, so I will focus on the “the deeper things” in life and allow time for others.

Calm me when I am anxious and troubled about many things.

Help me to have the courage to empty myself of everything that does not contribute to the transformation of this world.

Feed me with the “the finest wheat” of your joy, peace, and love.

Be my wisdom as I search for meaning in a world fraught with pain, suffering, hostility and division.

Keep me hungry for you, Source of Life, so that I will always ache for you. Amen.


Sr Pat