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The Stone Removed – Dcn. Dan

April 2, 2021

The Stone Removed

Our Easter morning Gospel relates the experience of Mary of Magdala. When she approached the tomb of Jesus very early in the morning of the first day of the week, Mary noticed that “the stone had been removed”.

In upcoming readings this Easter Season, we will hear that Jesus after the resurrection, could do things like walk right through locked doors. Do you ever wonder then, if the tomb was unable to hold in the resurrected Jesus, why was the stone removed? The answer I think lies in the action and reaction of John. After first peering in from the entrance and waiting for Peter to catch up, Peter and John enter the tomb. John then witnesses to us that when he entered the empty tomb that, “he saw and believed”.

I suggest to you that the stone was not rolled back so that Jesus could get out of the tomb. Rather, the stone was removed so that Peter and John and Mary and each of us can all enter the tomb and find it empty; that we also can see and believe.

What in your heart is holding you back from truly seeing and believing? Up until that first Easter morning Jesus’ followers were grieving the crucified Jesus because they did not understand what rising from the dead meant. That morning changed everything! Like Mary, like Peter, and like John take that step towards Jesus and you will find Him waiting for you. Nothing blocks your way if your heart desires Jesus. The stone has already been removed for you.

He is risen! And that changes everything for each of us!


His Peace,

Deacon Dan