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Are we too proud to listen and evaluate other’s advice? – Dcn. Jerry

January 28, 2021

Are we too proud to listen and evaluate other’s advice?

I, like most people, have difficulty in taking advice. Even when we seek advice, it can be very hard to put it into practice. Over the years we develop patterns of behavior that are difficult to change. We have attitudes, presumptions, biases – and even prejudices – that have been inherited from previous generations. Thus, stopping something we have been doing – or starting something we have never done – can be extremely difficult. Rather than taking advice or correction, we dislike the one who is trying to help us. Yet, what we forget, that often it is God who is using another to give us the advice.

How ready am I to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus and obey? When I have a question concerning the importance of a teaching, what do I do to help me in applying it to my life? Do I see how GOD’s word addresses the issue? Do I seek the advice of those who are teachers of GOD’s way? Can people see by the way I live my life that I am a follower of the Lord Jesus, or to put it in other words, are
people aware that I live my life with authority – the authority of the Lord Jesus? Do I strive to convey the key teachings of the Jesus and the Church?

Brothers and Sisters, all of us have individual lives to live while we are on the proving grounds of this Earth. God always sends other people to help us on our journey. They speak to us on behalf of God. And we become prophetic, ourselves, when we help others and guide them toward good and better things. So, let us pray, today, that we always walk as disciples of Jesus – May we also be attuned to the Holy Spirit who, prophetically, speaks to us from within and through those He sends to us!

As disciples, we are challenged to continue to grow in understanding, to sit at the feet of Jesus the teacher and to take steps to make our own the wonderful good news of the kingdom. By being properly informed, we are less likely to be led astray by the whole range of ‘false prophets’ who today compete for our allegiance.

Deacon Jerry