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Pastoral Column – Dcn. Mike

November 5, 2020

Resplendent and unfading is Wisdom, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her.”

As you are reading this column, we are past the Election Day crescendo. The dust has probably not settled yet, but, as Catholics, regardless of who won the election, we have an opportunity to lead the way with our pro-life message. Remember, pro-life is not only about abortion. At this time our beliefs also challenge us to come to some decisions about what type of country we want for the future. In making these decisions, we have to turn to today’s first reading about Wisdom, the attendant at the throne of God. Here are some of the hopes and acts that we have to pray and practice for Wisdom to guide us through these next few months:

  • What’s more important – your family’s color or the common good of our society?
  • How are you going to deal with the fracture between you and your neighbors, friends and families? This is bigger than East vs West side of Green Bay.
  • As a Catholic, how will you join St. Francis to “become an instrument of your peace?”
  • There is a true danger of a splinter of anger/hate that threatens to move to our heart and poison us completely. What will you do to calm and heal this moral pandemic?
  • Remember you are Catholic. The Catholic faith is the source of the academic discipline of science.
  • What will you do about the reality that our society has been rife with bigotry? I remember as a young Catholic being confused with the USA boycotting South Africa because of apartheid because our blacks could not sit at the food counter at Woolworths without being beaten up. The bell has been rung on the continued presence of discrimination and it cannot be unrung. What will you do to heal yourself of this terrible sin against God? After all, we are all made in the Image and Likeness of God; how will you live this truth?

I could continue to ask these questions of ourselves as Catholics. We need the Wisdom talked about in the reading. We have to find some peace within ourselves and our neighborhoods, families and society as we struggle to heal: “Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.”(Prayer of Saint Francis)

Peace and Blessings and Wisdom, Deacon Mike