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Lives Have Changed – Carol Kittell

September 25, 2020

“The stupid coronavirus!” My 8 & 9 year old grandsons are not allowed to use the word “stupid” in very many contexts, but when it relates to the virus, “stupid” can be used. I am pretty sure most of us would agree that “stupid” is an appropriate word for a child to use to describe the virus.

How our lives have changed over the past 6-7 months: in our homes, our families, our workplaces, the places we used to go to, in our social networks, and in our churches.  All the normal things we used to do aren’t normal anymore and it doesn’t look like they will get back to normal anytime soon.

On behalf of the Quad-Parish Staff, I want to thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work through directives, guidelines and all the sudden changes that keep coming. We appreciate your working with us through Laurie’s window whenever possible and for wearing masks when meeting with us in the entrance or when you need to come into the building. We also appreciate all of you who ask how we are doing and for giving us a little “pat on the back.” Your support and encouragement are uplifting.  Hopefully, we are helping to lift your spirits a little as we take care of business and meet with you.

Please be aware that we are doing our best to follow constantly changing directives from the state and guidelines from the diocese. It may seem that you can’t keep up with all of the changes. Believe me, we feel the same way. Do know that we will always do whatever we can to keep you, and the staff, safe. There are times when we might not be able to communicate changes as quickly and effectively as we would like. I just ask for your patience and understanding. Feel free to contact any of the staff with questions or concerns; however, please be kind. We really do want to do what is best for everyone. If you do notice a problem, it can’t be fixed unless we know about it; we want to know about it. Again, please be kind when bringing the problem to our attention.

We have to trust that God will see us through this pandemic. In the meantime, we all need to be a little bit more patient and understanding with each other.  We are all struggling with this virus and we will only get through it if we stand together and support and encourage one another. This stupid coronavirus! We pray for an end to it.

Carol Kittell – Business Administrator