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New Beginnings – Fr. Armando Red

September 5, 2020

SEPTEMBER – the month of the “NEW BEGINNING.” Why? Is it because it signals time to re-engage in the activities we used to enjoy in the context of the “NEW NORMAL?” Well finding a new home, new friends, living a new social and religious life in a community is a new beginning. New people will surely come into my life, perhaps people who can impact my life.

From Evergreen State to Green Bay and to reside on Gray Street is a start to finding a HOME, searching for a future full of HOPE and perhaps settle in HOLINESS and peace.  Leaving behind the SEAHAWKS and joining the band of PACKERS looks exciting. RECONNECTING & REVIVING – a call and a challenge to face the NEW BEGINNING.

Looking through the eyes of faith, SEPTEMBER brings us both good and bad memories. But Liturgically it gives us events that give flesh to the concept of “NEW BEGINNING.”  The Church celebrates the gift of life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her nativity. Usually the Church celebrates the feast day of the saints on the date of their death, the day they are born to everlasting happiness but, Mary was given that unique privilege. Let us all rejoice in the birth of Mary, mother of Jesus, she is predestined to give birth “by the strength of the Lord.”

The birth of Mary gives way to the entry of God in the human history through the mystery of the Annunciation. Paul declares, “When the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son to be born of a woman so that we might receive adoption. “Mary carried the greatest gift of God to humanity, JESUS CHRIST.

Mary’s presence is indeed a great impact to the world especially to the marginalized people in this challenging situation. Mary offers protection to many in moments of danger. She became the mother figure to millions, many of them are non-Christians, to those who lost their mothers, struggling mothers too are turning to Mary for consolation and support.

Mary’s unconventionality and inconsequentiality made her proclaim to the whole world where God raises the lowly and sends the rich away, where social order is upended and the poor and vulnerable are most beloved.


Fr. Armando Red