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Schedule Your Visit – June 7th Communion Services

June 1, 2020


CLICK HERE to Schedule Your Visit - June 7th Communion Services


The Diocese of Green Bay has rolled out the first phase of guidelines
for distribution of Holy Communion which consists of a short prayer
service, Holy Communion, and a closing prayer. This is a starting
point for us, and we will continue to update procedures as the new
phases roll out. If you are interested in reading about the guidelines
from the diocese, they can be found on the diocesan website.

At the Quad Parishes, beginning May 31 we will be opening two sites
(St. Joseph and St. Jude) to offer three opportunities (St. Joseph
Church, St. Joseph Chapel, St. Jude Church) for reception of Holy
Communion on Sunday mornings, 10:30a-12:30p. This will follow the
10a livestreamed Mass. Each Communion Service will allow for 8
people at a time. The sick, immunocompromised and vulnerable
(over age 65) should refrain from partaking in the Communion Services at this time.

Everyone’s attendance is optional, as Catholics are
not required to attend Mass during this time.

We are asking that everyone who is interested in coming to a
Communion Service sign up for a specific time. Sign up for the
Communion Services will begin at 9a on Tuesday, May 26th by
following a link on the Quad Parish website and FaceBook page. If
you do not have internet, or prefer to call in, you can call the parish
office (920) 496-2160 on Tues-Thurs from 9a-1p.

Communion Services will be spaced 20 minutes apart.
This gives us time to sanitize between services.

A flow of movement into and out of the spaces will be marked with
signage, allowing us to avoid crossover. The entrance at St. Joseph
will be door # 5 (blue awning). The exit at St. Joseph will be door # 6
(near the cry room and sacristy). The entrance at St. Jude will be
door #1 (school door). The exit at St. Jude will be door #2 (gathering
space). Please remember to be mindful and minimize what you touch
so that we can sanitize quickly and efficiently following each service.

What to expect:
 You are strongly encouraged to watch the livestream Mass before
attending a Communion Service but this is not mandatory.
 Arrive to your scheduled site 5 minutes prior to your planned visit.
 Use social distancing and maintain a 6 ft distance between all
persons who do not reside in the same household.
 All unnecessary things should remain behind in your vehicle.
 You will be asked to wear a mask. You are encouraged to bring
a mask to wear during the service; we will have a limited supply
at the church for those who do not have them.
 Please refrain from touching things unnecessarily.
 The entrance door will be propped open so that you may enter
without contact.
 Everyone’s temperature will be taken at the door. Those with a
temperature over 100.3 will not be permitted entry.
 Hand sanitizer will be available for you at the entrance.
 There will be a short prayer service, then the reception of
Communion followed by a closing prayer.
 You are encouraged to receive Communion in the hand.
 A basket will be available for you to place contribution envelopes in.
 The exit will also be propped open to avoid contact.
The May 31st bulletin will have information regarding Daily Mass and
the opening of the Quad Parish Office.
We have done our best to preserve palms and some will be available
at the exits on May 31st for those who would like one.

CLICK HERE to Schedule Your Visit - June 7th Communion Services