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Finding God in the Silence – Fr. Greg Parent

April 23, 2020

During this time of social isolation many of us are
coming face to face with the struggle of being silent.

We are communal by nature. We need people! So
what do we do when we can’t be with each other?
The temptation is to find different ways to fill every
moment of the day with noise of some kind. I’m
talking to myself here too. It’s so easy to just leave the
TV on all day, or distract ourselves with other media.
But it’s not just screens. Really anything can
serve as noise to distract us from isolation. Even
housework or yard work can fill our days. None of
this stuff is bad, but we can use it in a bad way.

Silence forces us into the present moment, but often
the present moment is the only place that we
would rather not be. The present moment is filled
with all of our struggles and insecurities, and when
we spend time in silence all of these things that we
would rather not deal with rear their ugly heads.

So why not just avoid the present moment with all of
the distractions that our modern world affords us?
Simply because the present moment is the only
place that God exists. God doesn’t love who you will
be, or who you wish you could be. God loves you as
you are, with all of the struggles and imperfections.
We have to come to love that person as well, and
then allow ourselves to be driven by God’s love to
be better.

As we are stuck in quarantine for another month, be
sure to make time to embrace the discomfort of silence,
so that God can make himself known in the
reality of the present moment.

Fr Greg