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Finding God in Silence – Sr. Jan

April 30, 2020

Finding God in Silence

This week is called Good Shepherd Sunday. The Gospel from John 10:1-10 reminds us of something we have known since we were children, Jesus is our Shepherd and we are His sheep. A commentary I read today in “The Word Among Us” reminds us that we are all shepherds for God’s people. Our flocks are those around us at home, at work and in the social groups of which we are a part.

Now at this time of the Covid-19 crisis and the social distancing requirements it has brought into our lives, relating to our flocks is very different than it was in mid-March. We might not be hanging out with our church group, our card clubs, our sports teams or other social groups at all. We are probably spending less time at the office or at the workplace and more time working from home or not working at all at our regular job. Some people are risking their lives working in “essential jobs.”

We are spending more time at home with our families, or alone or with our religious  community members. Are we using this time to be present to our flocks? Are we trying to reach out to our flocks?

Some ways we can do this are:
 Calling, texting, writing to those who need contact or posting positive encouragement on the web
 Making, buying or delivering food to those in need of help
 Making masks for our families and health care facilities
 Attending Mass as a family on TV with our Bishop on Sunday TV or on-line with our parish priests
 Praying more and reflecting more in our favorite spot in the house or outside
 Listening to those around us and sharing from the heart
 Homeschooling our children or grandchildren with wisdom and love
 Walking outdoors alone or with others to enjoy our beautiful world
 Doing puzzles or playing board games or cards with family
 Sharing in new and different ways with time to do it in a relaxed way

This time has opened new avenues of awareness of peoples’ needs. Our flock has become, not just family, but those in our city, our state, our country and our world. Our help, prayers and shepherding has taken on a new focus and expanded our flock. Let us be good shepherds as Jesus has been to us. Let us lay down our lives for others.

Sr. Jan