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Bishop’s Appeal Invitation – Fr. Dave

January 31, 2020

It is that time of the year once again. It is time to talk about
the Bishop’s Appeal. Congratulations to all four parishes for
reaching last year’s goal! You saw a need in the diocese
and the ways the diocese has helped us at the Quad Parishes
and you responded to that need.

As you know, the appeal is a way of making a gift to the
diocese that supports the mission and ministries of the
Diocese of Green Bay. Your gift of money helps all the
areas of ministry including faith formation, training and
supporting pastoral ministers and staff, Catholic Schools,
the work of Catholic Charities and more..

The average gift to the diocese last year was $211. If you
can give more, great. If you can give something, great. We
could easily make our goal if everyone gave what they were
able to give. If you are close to giving $500, you might
consider being a part of the Crozier Society…those who
give $500 or more. There are some added incentives for
Crozier Society members.

The money given to Bishop’s Appeal supports the ministries
and services that are available in northeastern Wisconsin.
No money from the Bishop’s Appeal has ever been
used to pay legal settlements.

I often receive calls from organizations that ask for a donation.
I ask them what percentage of my donation actually
goes to the project. Often only ten percent is given to support
the work of the organization. For the Bishop’s Appeal, 91% to 93%
goes to support the ministries of the diocese.

Some time this week you will receive a brochure that
describes the work of the Bishop’s Appeal and a pledge
card for your donation. Please return the pledge card with
your donation.

Last year I offered a little incentive if all four parishes
reached the goal… and you did! Good for everyone. As a
result, I am still dealing with some hair color highlights. If
you have suggestions for this year…..let me know. But
don’t tell me this week because I am going to take a few
days off to enjoy the winter in northern Wisconsin.
Thank you for your support of the Bishop’s Appeal!
Let’s make it two years in a row!
Fr. Dave