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Anointed & Crowned – Jennifer Poehlmann

January 9, 2020

When my children were small, I would read them a book
called The Crown on Your Head by Nancy Tillman. It’s a
beautiful book, written to inspire children (and adults); to
remind them that they were made to be amazing. In the
story, there is a crown which is special to a child and placed
on her head, with intentionality, at the beginning of her
life. The crown grows with the child, enlightening and
reminding her in various ways that there is no end to what
is possible for her in life; as long as the child believes in
themselves and understands that everyone has potential for
greatness. And while this book is written without Catholic
theology in mind, it left me feeling pleased with the ease in
which the story is told and the point is made.

There is another story for each of us, written by God, our
Creator, about how beautifully and wonderfully each of us
has been made. Just imagine how much greater the story
of the crown and our how much greater our potential when
accompanied by belief in the power of Our God; awesome
and mighty. We have been made to worship our awe
inspiring God, in the beauty of creation and all of His
wondrous deeds, as our faith is realized, practiced, and

During the Christmas season, we celebrated the birth of
God, having come to live among us. We are reminded that
we were created in the image of God, and that we were
created with purpose; to know God, to love God, and to
serve God. Where have you known God today? We have
been made to worship God, together, in all of the ways. Our
faith family is rich with inspiration; to show our love of God
to our brothers and sisters. How have you loved God
today? We are all hard at work every day – accomplishing
all of the things that we are relied upon to get done; and as
we pray about the labors of our week, the energy spent to
get through, we must call to mind that we are also made to
serve God. Are you using your gifts in the service of God?
Are you able to identify ways in which you are living out
your baptismal anointing?

With the culmination of the Christmas season, we celebrate
the baptism of Jesus, and we remember our own
baptism. It is in the knowing, loving, and serving that we
live out our baptismal anointing as Priest, Prophet, and
King. My brothers and sisters, as sons and daughters of
God, made family by our adoption, allow me to remind you
to straighten your crowns and carry on, doing all of the
great things that you are called to do, with courage from
your anointing, as we are moved by the Holy Spirit to
deepen our discipleship.

Jennifer Poehlmann
Liturgy Coordinator