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St. Patrick Remodel & Mass Schedule

December 30, 2019

St. Patrick Church is going to be undergoing another phase of the remodeling project, beginning Mon, Jan 6.

To avoid the dust and disturbance, we are going to transfer St. Patrick Parish masses to St. Joseph Church for the 4:00pm Saturday Mass and 8:00am Daily Mass, until the completion of the project which is expected to end in June. Please watch the bulletin, website and Facebook for Holy Days (times & locations), or listen to the announcements at Mass.

Daily Mass Schedule
8:00am Tuesday @ St. Joseph
8:00am Wednesday @ St. Joseph
8:00am Thursday @ St. Jude
8:00am Friday @ Annunciation

Weekend Mass Schedule
4:00pm Saturday @ St. Joseph
4:00pm Saturday @ St. Jude
8:00am Sunday @ Annunciation
9:15am Sunday @ St. Jude
10:30am Sunday @ St. Joseph