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New Quad-Parish Website – Becky VanKauwenberg

October 25, 2019

A new Quad-Parish Website is coming soon to the inter-net near you! We have been working on updating the Quad-Parish Website for the last several months. Webfitters is developing a website that can be used to “tell our story through large visuals, vibrant colors, & a contemporary look.”

The website is a digital front door to our communities. It is a tool we will use to share our faith and let others see what is going on our parishes. We have a great story to share, & now we have a great platform to use to get those stories out to a larger audience. As people hear our unique stories of finding Home in Community, Hope in the Living Presence of Christ and Holiness in Our Witness to the World, we pray they will join us on this journey of faith.

The new website is designed to reach several goals for our Parishes.
INVITE – The home page of the new website is focused on welcoming those who come to the website and gives an invitation to join us in Finding Home, Hope and Holiness. We are aware that many people who are looking for parishes in the area will stop by our website first. We want this first impression of our parishes to show our visitors who we are, give them quick links to important information they may be looking for – Mass Times, Bulletin Link & Upcoming Events. They will also find a welcome message from Fr. Dave.

We also have a Button on the top of the website titled “Share Your Gifts” which will invite those who are connected to the parishes to embrace a Stewardship Spirituality and sharing the gifts of our time, talent and treasures that we have been blessed with.

INFORM – The new website will be a tool to share information. You will be able to find everything from upcoming event information and sign up forms to parish histories and information on the Catholic Faith. We are excited to have a landing place for the important information that parishioners and guests may be looking for.

INSPIRE – We are most excited that our website will become a place where we can share our stories of Christ working in our lives. Our stories are a gift and when we share them with others they have the potential of inspiring others in their faith. Latest News stories will be linked to each page high-lighting what is happening in the parishes and in the lives of our parish families. There is also a section on the website where we will continue to invite parishioners to “Share Your Story” of how God is working in your life.

You will notice that we have a temporary page up at as we transition from the old website to the new website. The new website will be launching at the end of this week on Friday, Nov 1st! We hope you will come and check it out!

– Becky VanKauwenberg