The Kerygma

Discover a Love that goes Deeper than You could Possibly Imagine

The KERYGMA is the proclamation of salvation through Jesus Christ.  The word KERYGMA is the core message of the Gospels; the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is related to a Greek word meaning to proclaim as a herald.  The KERYGMA can IGNITE a personal relationship with Christ and TRANSFORM lives!

The key elements of the KERYGMA that we see throughout the Old & New Testament are also prevalent in our lives.

1. Creation: God is love and has
created me for relationship with

2. Fall: I have broken my
relationship with God by my sin.

3. Redemption: Jesus restores my
relationship with God through His
life, death, and resurrection.

4. Salvation: Jesus invites me to
trust him, to turn from sin, and to
give my life to Him.

5. Re-Creation: Jesus has poured
the Holy Spirit into my heart to
bring me to new life in His Church
and sends His Church on mission
so that others can experience new

At the Quad-Parishes, we experience the KERYGMA and Christ’ love by participating in the life of the parish. 
You are invited to join us as we Discover Jesus, Know Jesus, Worship Jesus and Share Jesus With Others.
Check out these opportunities to encounter the love of Jesus Christ.
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