Home, Nursing Home & Hospital Visits

Home & Nursing Home Visits
Parishioners who are unable to attend Mass due to illness or age may request a Minister of Care to visit and bring Communion by contacting the Parish Business Office at 920-496-2160.  If you or a loved one has transferred to an area nursing home, please let us know so that we can keep in contact.

Along with home visits, The parishes hold communion services weekly on Wednesdays at the following Nursing Homes:
– Green Bay Health Services
– Grancare Nursing Center (Mass offered 3rd Wednesday of the month)
– Grancare Gardens Assisted Living  (Mass offered 1st Wednesday of the month)
– Marla Vista
– Care for All Ages

Anointing Masses are offered yearly in spring and fall at the Nursing Homes listed above. You are welcome to join your loved one at this time.  We also have anointing Masses/Services twice a year at the parishes in October and April for those who can come to church.

Additional Resources: Green Bay Senior Care and Assisted Living Guide 

Hospital Visits
Whenever you or a loved one is hospitalized, let the Parish Office know.  Regular visits by a member of our hospital team will normally take place on Thursdays along with special visits in time of need.  If you would like to request an anointing, contact the Parish Office to request a special visit.

Due to privacy concerns, hospitals are not able to initiate contact with the parish without your permission.  Please ask admitting personnel to inform your parish that you or a loved one are in the hospital and have them call the Parish Business Office at 920-496-2160.