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Plans for Fall Faith Formation for Children, Youth & Families

July 31, 2020

You are invited you all to join us in one way or another for faith formation this year. We have been working hard to get ready for Faith Formation amid this global pandemic. We know it is a crazy year but Jesus’ love is never closed and we are so happy that our Church doors are back open – yes mass times are back to normal! We are pleased to announce that we are providing three different options for faith formation this year:

In person classes
We will continue to offer in person faith formation for students/families grades 1-11 that are ready and comfortable doing so. Per Diocese direction, all of our staff and volunteers will be wearing masks, and students/parents are strongly encouraged to do so as well. Students will be spread out in the classroom to maintain social distancing and hand sanitizer will be readily available as well. 

Home Study
Home study is a parent lead program that invites parents to be the primary catechists for children to learn the faith within their home. Parents will receive materials and check in with faith formation staff 4 times throughout the year.

Virtual Learning
This is going to look different for our different age groups.

  • Grades 1-5 is a child guided online program. We are able to monitor progress through an online database and can see children’s responses to the activities provided. Required parent involvement is very minimal.
  • Grades 6th/7th/8th is going to likely be videos for them to watch online and then either have a place to type responses where classmates can see or have a journal that gets checked throughout the year.
  • High School is going to be an interactive virtual platform (Google Meet & Flipgrid) with our High School Coordinator, Joseph, and another VIRTUS trained adult.  These sessions will feature an engaged and dynamic learning environment where teens will learn to form their own opinions from their own search for truth and that the Catholic Church encourages everyone to not live by blind faith.

Supplemental Activity Packets
These packets would be grade level specific and pertaining to the lesson that they are learning either within the home study or virtual learning and are just a way for kids to experience Christ in a tactile and hands on way, rather than just reading/watching. (Available for grades 1-5)

Sacrament Prep – 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion
We will continue to use the Blessed program from Dynamic Catholic. The student completes this program at home with a parent/guardian. It utilizes both an illustrated book as well as videos (available via DVD or online). The hope is to have a retreat and First Reconciliation in December and First Communion in April/May, but we are taking things one week at a time!

Meal Program
We are still planning on offering food for our families that would like to participate. We are still looking at options on how to make this the safest possible, including being prepared/served by only 1-2 people or offering prepackaged items that don’t need preparation at all. 

Family Activities
Each family with a 1st-5th grade student will receive a family sheet each week, no matter which lesson format you are choosing with a variety of family activities to pick from. We ask that your family choose at least one to complete each week to continue the learning and connecting faith with real life!

The online registration form has a question about which class format you would prefer, but the paper copy does not. Feel free to leave a note with which option is going to work best for your family this year if you have decided, otherwise we will be reaching out by mid-August to get a final decision. Everything is subject to change, but this is where we are at right now. Please feel free to reach out to Abby (Children & Family Coordinator), Joseph (Youth Discipleship & Formation Coordinator) or Becky (Discipleship Coordinator) with any comments, questions, or concerns, and we will be happy to address them! 

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