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Meet our New Youth Discipleship & Formation Coordinator!

July 31, 2020

Hello to all parents and families!

My name is Joseph Walkowski and I’ve joined the Parishes as the coordinator for high school and young adult ministry. I’ll be sending out a video at some point to talk more about my approach and background, so keep an eye on the parish website, YouTube channel, or Facebook!

My life has been a roller coaster until now, because I rebelled against the Catholic faith from the age of 18 to about 22. After an eye-opening experience, I spent hours every day for several years studying all I could about science, philosophy, Church history, and theology. Now, I’m a philosophical apologist and scientific concordist, which may sound like a strange description to most people. An apologist is someone who gives a defense for our faith (not someone who always apologizes!) and a scientific concordist is someone who uses sciences to show the wonders of the Bible.

Having taught 7th- and 10th-graders at St. Thomas More Parish in Appleton, God guided me as I found the most amazing ways to share the most advanced topics with the most inexperienced minds. This year, we’re not just going to be reading out of a book. Your child(ren) will learn in ways that will keep them engaged and excited (even if you choose the virtual option). You’ll probably learn some new things from them because of all the crazy topics and relevant ideas that they explore each class!

All questions are encouraged (and answered)! I have not met one student who showed up to a class bored or doubtful or even just a little grouchy and kept that attitude throughout the year. My ultimate goal is to help you, as parents, as your children are formed into their own identity. They will learn to look at every side of what people say, they will learn to form their own opinions from their own search for truth, and they’ll learn that the Catholic Church encourages everyone to not live by blind faith.

I will continue to pray for you all as you discern your child(ren)’s future in faith.

In Christ,

Joseph Walkowski

Youth Discipleship & Formation Coordinator

Quad-Parishes of Annunciation, St. Joseph, St. Jude, & St. Patrick
920-497-7042 x 125

I honor and love you; but I shall obey God rather than you, and while I have life and strength I shall never cease from the practice and teaching of philosophy” – Socrates, in Plato’s Apology