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Pastoral Care Commission – January 2020

February 12, 2020

January 7. 2020

Members Present: Paula Gloe, Jerry Leisgang, Marlene Smith, Barb Staudenmaier, Ruth Stoeckigt,
Jackie Krajewski, Bobbie Browne. Mike Charles
Absent: Judy Hrubesky, Deacon Jerry Coenen, Kathy LaLuzerne, Ellen Moran, Sue Straubel
Staff: Deacon Jerry Coenen, Fr. Dave Schmidt

Meeting brought to order by Paula Gloe at 4:00p.m.

Motion made by Jackie K. and seconded by Marlene S. to approve December 3. 2019 minutes
Motion made and seconded by Jerry L. and Barb S. to accept the January 7,2020 agenda


1, NEW Community Shelter Meal: 135 meals served on Dec. 23 by Jerry Leisgang/family. Cash
flow adequate and volunteers recruited. St. Jude Women’s Club/Terry Klingbeil and the KC’s will
serve the January 27 meal.
2. Deacon Jerry was not present to update the schedule of talks to be presented by St. Norbert students
but they are planning to do so in 2020.
3. Paula reported that the computer has been installed at the Hope Center with the help of her husband
and it will be determined how the usage by volunteers will facilitate the 211 system.
4. A total of 823 gifts were donated to the Jesse Trees and distributed among Freedom House, Golden
House, St. John’s Homeless Shelter and Love Life. 33 individualized gifts were purchased for
McCormick Home and Grancare quad parish members. A thank-you note will be placed in the

1. The annual Valentine’s Party for the Young at Heart Feb. 14 will be held at Annunciation from
9am – 1:30 pm with a light breakfast and luncheon. Bunco will be played, prizes awarded. No
musical entertainment. Sr. Pat is chairing the event and Jackie will assist. Paula will be
unable to attend. Sign-up sheets were passed around for members to help , starting with set-up
on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 3 pm, as well as for donations of food.
2. The March meeting will be moved to March 10 at 4:00 pm.

Next meeting Feb. 4 at 4 pm

Motion to adjourn made by Ruth and Jerry
Submitted by Barb Staudenmaier