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Pastoral Care Commission Minutes – October 2019

November 8, 2019

Members Present: Paula Gloe, Jerry Leisgang, Karen Phillips, Marlene Smith, Barb Staudenmaier,
Ruth Stoeckigt, Kathy LaLuzerne, Jackie Krajewski, Ellen Moran, Sue Straubel
Absent: Bobbie Brown, Judy Hrubesky, Deacon Jerry Coenen
Staff: Deacon Jerry Coenen, Fr. Dave Schmidt

Meeting brought to order by Paula Gloe at 4:30p.m.
Motion made by Ruth and seconded by Kathy to approve September minutes.
Motion made and seconded by Ruth and Marlene to accept the October agenda.

1, NEW Community Shelter Meal: Between 200-230 meals served in Sept. by KC’s and desserts
provided by St. Jude’s Womens Club. October 28 the meal will be provided by St. V d P with Jerry
Leisgang cooking. There is about $336.00 available which is about the average cost of the meal and
desserts are requested. Volunteers have been available to serve,
Future dates are November 25 and December 23.

2. Deacon Jerry has included notes on the Spanish to English classes, the computer for the Hope
Center, the upcoming Social Justice classes, and the Las Cafeteras Residency. (see attachment).
Volunteers will be needed at the Hope Center to field questions about other community resources and
track how they heard about the Center.

3. Paula has indicated that there seems to be several meetings/programs scheduled for the same dates
and she will speak with Deacon Jerry about a possible resolution.

Event updates:
Reverse Collection netted about 2,000 food items for the Pantry which was
comparable to last year’s collection of 2,033. St. Pat’s 410, St. Jude 426, Annunciation 550.
Balance is an approximation from St. Joe’s. Laurie will include a thank-you in the bulletin.

Diaper Drive: Boxes from United Way will be placed in the churches thru Oct. 12/13 and any diapers
collected will be given to Love Life directly so keep count of how many packages were collected by
each parish. Love Life will forward the total to United Way. In the future there will be no separate
drive by the parishes. Jerry L. will keep count from St. Joe’s and Annunciation, Sue Straubel for St.
Jude, Jackie K. and Ellen M. for St. Patrick’s. Bring figures to November meeting. A layette drive
will be held in May.

Mission Collection: Oct. 19/20.

1. Discussion at November’s meeting regarding the Jesse Tree. One option for St. Pat’s is to
donate items to a nursing home and to Love Life.

2. Discuss color coding the ornaments so gifts can be turned into the parishes requesting the
particular items.

3. Karen Phillips was recognized for the article in the Compass regarding her faith journey.

4. Deacon Jerry has talked to Mike Charles and he is interested in joining the Commission.

Motion to adjourn: 5:30 pm by Ruth S. and Kathy L.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 5, at 5:00 pm
Submitted by Barb Staudenmaier

Deacon Jerry’s Notes for October 3, 2019 Meeting

Our first Spanish to English class started Oct. 1 at St. Jude’s. On Oct. 2 an evening class will begin at

The computer for the Hope Center has been put in place. We will be looking for volunteers to man the
position starting next week.

Our first Social Justice class presented by St. Norbert students is:
Topic: Climate Change and Its Effects on Immigration (this is a working title)
Date: Oct. 15, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Chapel at St. Joseph Catholic Church 936 – 9th. St. Green Bay, WI 54304

Please attend and bring guests so we have a decent size group. Pass the word. I believe the topic hits
two on-going topics. Should be interesting.

St. Norbert College is sponsoring the Las Cafeteras on November 13. An evening production on
Wednesday at 7PM, Tickets are free but you must call to get them.
Las Cafeteras Residency
Las Cafeteras uses music as a vehicle to build bridges among different cultures and communities and
create “a world where many worlds fit.” They are self-described organizers and community advocates,
and they use music to bring people together in spite of disagreements. They create a space for sharing
of stories, attempting to create a common platform to express opinions. Through their music they also
discuss vital contemporary issues, from immigration and border detentions to race and civil rights.
EPK video.

With over 15 years of collective experience in education, organizing, curriculum development, social
work, movement building, health and wellness, musical performance and theatre, Las Cafeteras offers
workshops, training and residencies in an effort to engage a variety of audiences. Together, Las
Cafeteras have 6 bachelors degrees, 3 masters degrees and a doctoral degree in pursuit. They use their
eclectic performances, lectures, workshops and/or trainings to combine history, humor, critical thought
and audience participation in a fun and unique way.

I already have 12 tickets. Try to get people to attend.
Here is the link for the information about the Las Cafeteras
events https:/ We have not officially announced
the concert but we do have a link for reserving the general admission tickets. You can follow this link
to reserve them.