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November 22, 2019

The November meeting of the Quad Parish Pastoral Councils was held on Tuesday, November 19th. 

Items of discussion were:

     — Phase two of the St. Patrick painting project.

     — The creation of “welcome wagon” packets for families who move into homes in our  parish area.

     — Church cleaning at St. Joseph.

     — Installation of security cameras at Annunciation.

     — Providence Academy plans for the future.

     — Comments about the Veterans and All Souls Memorial services as well as the session on immigration.

     — It is the cold and flu season.  What to do about greetings at mass?  Please note:  We will not discontinue the greeting at the beginning of mass or the sign of peace.  If you do not wish to shake hands during these times, offer a verbal greeting. You can acknowledge the greeting of the other person with a bow and verbal response,  a two finger sign of peace or the “fist pump” is always an option.  If the person next to you does not offer a hand-shake, do not be offended but accept their choice for no physical contact at mass.  A reminder also. If you have a cold or the flu please refrain from receiving the Precious Blood of Christ.  Although there have been no proven cases of passing on an illness (The alcohol content of the wine, the wiping of the cup and the turning of the cup takes care of the germs.), it is proper to refrain.  When you receive either the Body of Christ or the Blood of Christ you are receiving the fullness of Christ’s presence.

     — The yearly Jesse Tree opportunity at all the parishes.

     There is an opening for a council member from St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Patrick.  If you are interested contact Fr. Dave.

     You are welcome to attend any of the Pastoral Council meetings.  The next meeting is Tuesday, January 21st at 6:00 pm in Room 105 at Annunciation.  If you have any items for the agenda please contact one of your council members or Fr. Dave.

     Thanks to all who serve on any of the committees, commissions or boards in our Quad Parish Community.


   Fr. Dave