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Resurrection Stories: I witnessed Jesus’ Redemptive Love – Mike C.

October 10, 2019

Resurrection Stories were shared on Easter Sunday 2019.
Parishioners were asked when they have experienced the Resurrection in their lives.


Today we celebrate the Resurrection.
Can you imagine that moment? Can you imagine the jaw dropping realization:
“It’s all true. All of it is true!”

Can you imagine all the doubts and despair of the past days chased away by a rolled up burial cloth?
By an empty tomb?

Well, I can.
I experienced the Resurrection and the presence of Jesus  in my life in an amazing way!

I am a member of the St. Vincent DePaul Society whose mission is to provide person-to-person service to those who are in need or suffering.

When making a recent visit we met “Paul.”  Paul had just gotten out of prison and his needs were very minimal. He explained to us how hard it is for people coming out of prison to find a job and a place to live when they have nothing and no one to support them.

Paul was very thankful he had a mom who was supportive, but he wondered why because of his past. He asked us to support others getting out of prison and told us that someday, when he gets on his feet, he wants to start a program to help those who have no one.

We could tell that Paul was not putting himself first and his heart was with others.  In that moment I witnessed Jesus’ redemptive love.

So how about you?
How will you experience new life through the Resurrection?

Mike C. – St. Jude Parish