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New Quad-Parish Website – Becky VanKauwenberg

October 25, 2019
A new Quad-Parish Website is coming soon to the inter-net near you! We have been working on updating the Quad-Parish Website for the last several months. Webfitters is developing a website that can be used to “tell our story through

Perseverance in Prayer – Sr. Pat Clement

October 18, 2019
Today’s readings are interesting. Think of Moses (who is very old by now) standing on top of the hill. As long as he holds his hands in the air, Joshua and his men are winning the battle. It’s no surprise

Music Notes – Nancy Lemerond

October 11, 2019
Each September, we enter a new choir season at all 4 of our churches. Regular choir rehearsals have resumed and we are learning new music to share with our congregations. We will try to introduce new pieces over several weekends

Resurrection Story: Miracles Happen Every Day – Lisa C.

October 10, 2019
Miracles happen every day. Do you know someone who has received an actual miracle? The kind that medicine can’t explain? On October 11, 2018 after a healing mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, I received a healing

Mother Teresa Relic

October 6, 2019
We have been blessed to receive a first-class relic of St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa). As Mother Teresa’s body was kept entire, the number of first class relics is limited. Through the movement of the Holy Spirit, this relic