Virtual Event – Quad-Parish Youth Group – Grades 8-11

April 5, 2020 @ 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm

We’re trying this new virtual ministry out again…with a few changes!

Sunday, April 5th from 6:45-8:15pm!  

Virtual Youth Group – Sunday, April 5th 6:45-8:15pm
1. We will be changing to Google Hangouts to meet up.  Check in at 6:45pm!
2. After a little check in you can try your luck at a trivia game called “Secret Ingredient”  You’ll be surprised at some of these crazy and sometimes disgusting ingredients!
3. Together through Google Hangouts we will view ProjectYM Live with over 2000 other youth groups from around the country.  We will use the chat function in Google Hangouts to answer questions and share inspiration from the presentation. week’s guest speaker is amazing!  Fr. Mike Schmitz is a fun and engaging speaker, and Alob will be leading live worship music.
4.  We’ll wrap up with a few discussion questions and prayer together!  Last week many family pets enjoyed a meet and greet as well 🙂
If your teen is interested in participating in our Quad-Parish Virtual Youth Group and you agree to the expectations below, please email [email protected] to receive the code for the event!
Virtual Youth Group Expectations –  8th Grade – 11th Grade
We want to ensure that this is a safe and fun experience for our teens and ask that all families agree to the following expectations.
1. Parents will receive a code for the Google Hangout Code once parent consent is received.
2. Please do not give out the code to other families.  If there is a request, have them contact Becky directly for the code.  
3. At least two adult leaders will be present in the Google Hangout at all times for supervision.
4. Private chats and screen shares will be turned off for participants.
Teen Behavior Expectations
1.  All teens are asked to choose an appropriate space and attire during the Zoom Group.  Please be aware of the background in all video feeds and wear appropriate clothing for a group meeting.
2.  Language, comments and behaviors should be positive and appropriate in nature.  
Teens will not be allowed to participate in the Virtual Youth Group if these expectations are not followed.  Parents will be contacted and informed.