Religious Education

Religious Education Program

Our Mission

  • Instruct youth in the teaching of our faith

  • Acknowledge and affirm the intrinsic value and dignity of each person

  • Instill a yearning to know, love, and serve God, both personally and in community

  • Empower younger people to discern God’s will for their lives and to challenge them to uphold this knowledge

  • Help young people identify and share their gifts for building the Kingdom of God

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About Our Ministry


Young Family

Building strong Catholic families is a priority at the Quad-Parishes. Ministry to young families focuses on providing resources and opportunities for families to grow in their faith together. Young Family ministry includes Gospel Time, post-baptism mailings, play dates, and blessings at Mass for unborn children. Please contact the Faith Formation office to schedule a blessing during your pregnancy, and see the bulletin for information about play dates.
Gospel Time takes place weekly during the 8:00 a.m. Annunciation Mass and the 10:30 a.m. St. Joseph Mass. Children are invited to the front of the church after the opening prayer, after which they head to a nearby room to hear and discuss that Sunday’s Gospel, pray together, and sometimes do an activity. They return before the beginning of the second half of Mass. All adult leaders are background checked and have received VIRTUS training.



Religious education for elementary students focuses on teaching our children foundational stories, prayers, and concepts. These basics of the faith are important stepping stones in becoming disciples of Christ. Family-based sacramental preparation is provided for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Vacation Bible School is also offered to children each summer.


Middle School

A comprehensive approach to religious education and youth ministry is offered for our middle schoolers. Teens are challenged to live their faith day to day. Religious education for middle schoolers is offered throughout the school year, along with yearly retreats and monthly Friday Night Live events. Middle Schoolers are also encouraged to attend Extreme Faith Camp during the summer.


High School

Teens are invited to continue their faith journey through religious education classes, yearly retreats, dynamic conferences, service experiences, social events, and opportunities to participate in weekend liturgies. High school students are also challenged to become leaders in our faith communities and are invited to participate in summer missions and spiritual trips.


Young Adult

‘Young adults are seeking answers to the deepest questions at the heart of our spiritual journey (The Path to Life, 4)’. Ministry opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and discipleship unique to the needs of those ages 18-39 are being developed for implementation later this year.

Register for Religious Education

We invite you to enroll in our program and join us for:

    • Religious education for children grades K-11

    • Sacramental preparation for Catholic school & public school students

      1st Communion (typically Gr. 2), 1st Reconciliation, & Confirmation (Gr. 11)

    • Family activities, retreats, & youth-ministry events

Our Team

Ian Lawrence

Director, High School & Young Adult Coordinator


Kristin LaPlante

Elementary & Middle School Coordinator


Nancy VanBeek

Administrative Assistant

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please call the Faith Formation office at 920-497-7042.