On Palm Sunday, the people treated Jesus like a king. There was tremendous joy and excitement among them when he entered Jerusalem — triumphantly in their estimation. They greeted him as the Messiah. They knew that he was ‘the one who is to come.’ Less than one week later, the crowd, insisted that Jesus be crucified. Their attitude towards Him had changed fundamentally and irrevocably. We might well ask: Why? The reason was that He had challenged them to change their lifestyles in imitation of His example. What an unpredictable and unreliable people!

Many of us today would not admit to being unpredictable or to having a superficial faith. We claim to be very different from those people who demanded Jesus’ death because we think that we would have behaved differently towards Him. However, we forget that it was our sins and the sins of all people that Jesus took on himself when he was crucified.

The greatest sin is not seeing Jesus in all people and treating them as we would treat Jesus.

The crucial questions for us during Holy Week are: How do we treat Jesus? How do we treat others? Do we see Jesus in all people and accept all people as children of God? Do we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty? What about the poor, the imprisoned, the immigrant, the sick and the dying? We are called to be Christ to our world. Did He not ask us to care for all people in need? In what ways do we praise Him and welcome Him when we meet Him in our
churches and as we celebrate the sacraments? Sometimes we forget our call as we quickly leave church and return to
our sinful ways. As we accompany Him on His final journey to Jerusalem, will we stay with Him or will we abandon Him and His mission like many other people? Can we accept the challenge to become repentant or will we avoid the discomfort of God’s will leading us where God wants us to be instead of where we want to be? Will you answer the call and be Christ to our world?

There are so many questions. But, then, Holy Week is the week for questions in the lives of Christians everywhere.

Deacon Jerry