I have been reading bits of Mathew Kelly’s book, The Big-
gest Lie in the History of Christianity, before bedtime most


The theme of the book is that we are all called to holiness.
We can be witnesses of this to others by partnering with

God as we create holy moments throughout our day. Ex-
amples in the book included helping neighbors, co-workers,

and strangers in the most routine and ordinary circum-

My husband had recent knee replacement surgery at the
VA in Milwaukee. Everything was blessed about our stay

and his care. Individuals from every job description, volun-
teers, and fellow families of patients, all gave us holy mo-
ments to brighten our path. Prayers from family, friends

and co-workers lifted us up. Upon returning home,
neighbors have generously stepped forward to make sure
we are snow-blown out and taken care of.

Today’s 2nd reading from 1 Corinthians is one of my favor-
ites. “Love is patient, love is kind….” You may know it as a

frequent choice for wedding couples. So many folks have

given witness to those words these past weeks. As a re-
cipient of numerous holy moments of late, I agree with au-
thor Mathew Kelly that holy moments can change lives and

could change the world.

I visit my parents’ grave once or twice a year. At my last
visit I asked my Mom what she wanted me to know. The
answer, though inaudible, came immediately and clearly.
“Be Kind.”

There you have it folks. As we listen to the Holy Spirit and
cooperate with God to create holy moments, know that they
are a powerful witness to our belief in a God of love.

Nancy Lemerond, Quad-Parish Music Coordinator