Marriage is an extension of our faith in Jesus whom we be-
lieve will sustain us throughout our life together. The couple

in today’s gospel made sure to have Jesus and Mary
among their invited guests. If Jesus and Mary have pride of

place in the life of the married couple then despite their hu-
man weaknesses and failures all will turn out well as it did

at Cana. Far too many people today are not being married
in the Church and subsequently are not asking Jesus and
Mary to walk with them in their marriage. There is an old
saying “They are being married at the church and not in the
Church.” They choose a place for the beauty of the building
and not for the grace of the sacrament that comes from
within that building. After being married 51 years, I know
how much help people need in keeping their marriage
strong. My wife always says we may not make 52 years
unless we correct this problem. We need God walking with
us every moment to protect that love we have for each other.

What does Mary do once she perceives that the wine has
run out? She goes immediately to Jesus. She does not try
to rectify the problem herself, but she goes to her Son. This
is a beautiful example of Our Lady’s willingness to intercede
on our behalf. Mary is the intercessor with her Son for this
couple, just as she is willing to intercede for her children on
earth today. If Mary is willing to intercede for the couple
without them even being aware of it, how much more will
she be willing to intercede with Jesus if we ask her? She
says to the waiters, “Do whatever He tells you.” This advice

applies to every situation in our lives. When we are con-
fronted with a problem and confused, we should ask our-
selves, “What would Jesus do?” This means praying about

the issue at hand, studying all the alternatives, asking spiri-
tual leaders for recommendations, and make the decision

which promotes the most good.

Jesus replies, “My hour has not yet come.” Have you ever
felt that God called you to something for which you did not
feel equipped or prepared? We must always remember
that He never calls us to something which He is not part of.
He reminds us of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that enable us
on our journey.

He honors His mother by changing the jugs of water into
wine. We know that the wine will become his blood, and for

the early Christians then, this became a sign of the Eucha-
rist – which allows each of us to marry, become one with

our God. Jesus’ first miracle then, is a celebration of the
marriage of God and man, the marriage of heaven and
earth, the marriage of divinity with humanity.

Deacon Jerry